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Custom pages: From a news page, downloadable PDF’s, catalogues, tips and advice to FAQ’s providing relevant, well organised, good quality and up to date interesting content will ensure users stay engaged with the website for longer and encourage them to return time after time. This also has great SEO benefits which Google will like.

Video: A 30 second video clip can convey a message, an explanation or provide credibility, it can help users visualise products or services in use and relate that to themselves. You have the ability to include video in all aspects of your website.

Featured content: Give your users a reason to choose your product or service over your competitors. We can help you to make your content stand out, promote a product or service, or emphasise unique selling points in a variety of ways from interactive content to bespoke imagery.

Maps: Emphasising your physical presence on a map can help with brand credibility, we can embed a Google map onto your website which mobile devices can also utilise.

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